Windows are the eyes of your home. They ensure you have a visual over your home whether it is looking out for your family member on their way to your home or hearing a loud noise outside your home and going to check on it. They bring out the detail of your home, they can leave people admiring your beautiful home for hours. Not only can they be gorgeous to look at our windows can also be extremely durable withstanding the worst weather conditions and still be pleasant and look brand new after. Whatever it be windows are an essential part of your home and we know that they can be under pressure sometimes due to bad weather or an unwanted person trying to break in. Therefore, we make our windows with high-quality materials no matter the price we offer and we offer 3 different types of windows: Sash, Casement and Fixed.

Apartment Building

Double glazed windows can save you up to £4,000 through its lifetime!

Double Glazed Windows can save an average household around £200 every year on energy bills. The reason for this is because double glazed windows keep heat inside the house rather than letting it out into the atmosphere. Therefore, keeping you warmer for longer.

The way double glazed windows do their magic is by keeping the two panes of glass sperate from each other by at least 6mm apart and the space is filled with argon gas because argon gas is a poor heat conductor, therefore, it keeps most of the heat inside the house. The second pane of glass acts as a barrier for noise outside or inside the house.

The benefits of double glazed windows are exceptional, especially in London which is known to be a very cold city in the winter times and has compact housing. It goes to show, having double glazed windows is a no-brainer.

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