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Hi everyone, I'm Kay, and this is A2Z Joinery Services a well-established workshop in North London specialising in Doors (Interior, Exterior and with the option to make them fireproof), Sash Windows, Staircases and many more products that require wood to be the main component.  We've been in the joinery business for a combined 38 years with my Joiners. We named the business A2Z Joinery & Glazing 10 Years ago not only was I providing bespoke joinery services I was also providing my customers with an option for custom glazing and with the business doing really well for itself. However, I decided to expand to only bespoke services and importing the windows custom made to the client's requirements if needed.

I've been a joiner since I was 19 and I'm still happy to be one at the fine age of 56. Gathering a lot of experience taught me a lot about this business as well as being able to help myself with making the highest-quality products for my clients. When I moved to London I was pleasantly surprised to see most buildings still being Victorian and the country still being proud to use sash windows as a means for their comfort and safety. I started working as a joiner for a company and as my technique and experience grew from the first-hand experience I was given. I started to become much more confident in my abilities to do the hard and technically skilled work required for my role. So I decided to start my own business in 1998 with my family and so I became a head Joiner and fitter, as well as overseeing all of the products that are produced from our workshop then delivered or fitted to our customer's property.

When we decided to make a joinery business we wanted it to have un-matched customer service as well as having stunning finished products that our customers were in awe of. Not only do we provide high-quality products we also guarantee quotes to beat any genuine quotes you have found anywhere else. Where most company's say 'no' we often say 'yes' as our joiner are capable of handling the hardest of tasks required by our clients.


Our joinery family are highly trained in the field of carpentry and joinery. We never use any type of sub-contractors as our products are produced by hand to the specific requirements of our clients. Most of our joiners have been with us for more than 5 years and had the first-hand experience of the joinery and carpentry world of many high-value clients which makes them highly capable of producing the hardest of tasks. As a joiner and a fitter of my experience, I always teach my joiners the best and most efficient methods for repairing and or producing the services that we provide.


All of these products are made or repaired at our state-of-the-art workshop in North London at Hendon Central, 417 Hendon Way. So please don't be shy and come and see our work for yourself or talk to us on the phone or send us an e-mail about your home needs and our friendly representative will be sure to help you out.

Last but definitely not least all of our Joinery woodworking services come with a guarantee of lasting for at least 10 years so you have an ease of mind with your product for a long time.

With that all being said we hope you have a lovely day and we hope to see you soon. Goodbye :)

All of our employee's are highly trained to be experienced in the real world of joinery and carpentry. Therefore, we will always make sure the customer is satisfied and deal with any problem they might have. Not only are we highly experienced in this field, we never fail to be friendly and approachable to any one that we encountered. We are always 100% professional and are always looking for ways to improve our quality of work and our services.

Khalil Abadi (Kay)
Head Joiner & Fitter
Masoud Nasseri
Our Experienced Joiner
Mariam Amini   Head Director, CEO

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